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Introducing the photog blog
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  • Welcome, Bienvenidos, Benvenuto and Välkommen all to my new photog blog.

    I am blasting off into the 21st century, which I apparently am a bit behind on, with my new website, blog and yes… social media. With this blog I plan to entertain the masses with some creative metaphors, delicious verbs and witty plagiarisms. As if that wasn’t enough, you are also guaranteed some original photography and multimedia to boot. For dessert I plan to offer any tips, tricks and life lessons to spice up the mix.

    For my clients this blog offers a deeper insight into more of my photography work and personality. For other photographers, amateur or pro, I plan to offer the tips and tricks I play with in my differing photography sessions but without all the cursing and hair pulling that I can guarantee happens.

    After consulting my astrology charts about which days to commit to posting on this new blog, I found nothing helpful. So after much toiling I have decided to commit to posting every Thursday and most Mondays.

    In conclusion, I am flattered that anyone has read this far already and ask anyone that has (actually read this far) to give a “shout out” to any friends, family or foes that may enjoy it as well.

    Good luck & God speed.

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