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Well here it is my first real print advertisement. I have worked out a deal with Luxe Magazine NW, and I will be featuring four single page advertisements for the next four issues.

The magazine is a large, clean and contemporary with nice photo spreads and a good amount of white space. I wanted to get some fresh material that would work with the layout and catch everyone’s eye. I had an idea of what I wanted, but when I was going to get coffee on Belmont one day this piece just jumped out of the window at me. It is a collaborative vase by Made Studio and Esque Studio. Made is a local fine furniture and wood craftsman and Esque is a local glass studio and both do beautiful work so watch out Eames.

I shot the vase in the studio in one session. After toiling with 3+ lights and not getting the results I wanted, I dropped down to one light above and place two large reflectors on both sides of the vase. Viola. Sometimes simplicity is best. It was a bit tricky with the mixed medium and the opaque glass, but I am quite happy with the results.

I am glad I gave myself plenty of time and bothered everyone I could for advise on the layout because I spent a week moving stuff to and fro around the page. Perfectionists should know that perfection is impossible. A lesson I am still learning. This however is as close as I will get on this project and I am happy with it.

For more information about Made and Esque Studios visit: and

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