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Portland Musician Quincy Davis

273_Quincy_Davis_Final-greyscalePortland Hip-Hop Artist: Quincy Davis

Introducing Quincy Davis to the already saturated and always interesting Portland music scene. Quincy and I had a great session in the studio just a couple weeks back. He is getting some photography and marketing tools together to launch his first album, and I must say that I like it.

His music is a nice fusion with contemporary, funky and a touch of old-school hip-hop. We tried to capture a couple different sides of him so the first part of the shoot we set up really dramatic lighting with some funky old furniture and records. The second half of the shoots we kept it clean and just used the windows and brick walls in the studio as a backdrop. I often get bored of the white backdrop and the brick and wood windowsills just seemed more appropriate.

I attempted to keep the lighting setup pretty simple setting up one big softbox in front, a backlight and light thrown up across the studio wall. Initially I was going with a really different concept and will confess right now, it didn’t work at all. However as in all things photography a really nice lighting scheme emerge from it.

It is always great to have a clear vision of what you want however it is just as important to be able to change and adapt on the spot. As I keep learning over and over again things don’t always work out the way you expect them too and light is no exception.

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